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Meet The Team

Rose Margot Omega
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Rose takes care of our research and content. She also help develop new product lines with a sustainability perspective


Having developed and executed many sustainability initiatives in the Philippines for the last 15 years - from climate change mitigation, waste management, alternative energy, conservation to ecological farming and ecotourism, Rose is indeed passionate about anything sustainable development. 


Rose often finds herself getting involved in various trailblazing industries and projects that she believes are worth pursuing. She thinks growing up in the Philippines provided many opportunities to step-up and become creative and collaborative in solving problems under limited resources. 



With her technical and business experience combined with her personal love for cooking and food history, she likes to contribute to Elle’s Kusina’s business goals and sustainability targets. Rose is also curious to explore how other ethnic cuisine such as the rising interest for Filipino food will play out in diversifying Stockholm’s food scene.  

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