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Meet The Team

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Chef Lorne Mardani
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Chef Lorne is our resident pastry chef that specialises in amazing cakes with authentic Filipino flavours.


Through baked goods that showcase local Filipino ingredients combined with European and other Asian influences, Lorne offers a sweet cultural adventure truly unique to the Philippines.


Lorne as a baker is shaped by her fond memories as a child in Panay island where she helped around at her godmother’s local bakery and at home with her Lola (grandmother) churning big hot cauldrons full of muscovado sugar, coconut milk and rice flour to make traditional rice cakes for family.


Having lived in Sweden for a couple of years and with the rising interest for Filipino cuisine, she sees the chance to connect Swedes’ and Filipinos’ shared love of sweets through Bakezone by Lorne.


Here she offers traditional authentic Filipino cakes and pastries filled with exotic tropical island ingredients such as ube or purple yam, coconut and mangoes.


Baking for family, friends and fellow Filipinos in Dubai and France for the last ten years, Lorne feels that now too is the perfect time for more Swedes to experience the warmth and bounty of flavours of her home country of 7,600 islands.

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