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About Kanto STHLM

As Stockholm’s trailblazer in Filipino cuisine, our owner and founder Elle Phillips’ love and passion for her native food and culture is truly shown through her dishes. Combining some of her favorite comfort food with locally sourced ingredients, she has been providing a unique dining and cultural experience through her pop-up events and catering for the last five years.

Elle’s vision is to propel her flavourful food and culture to the forefront of the Swedish gastronomic scene, one plate at a time.


The word "kanto" means "corner" in our native tongue. When we say "tara na sa kanto", it means to met up at a place to enjoy great food, good company and few drinks; to have an amazing time with friends or family. This is the heart of Kanto STHLM. 

Continuing our pop-up journey, we are very excited to announce that we have found our permanent home at Vasastan! 


15 JUNE 2024!

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